Saturday, April 20, 2013

Random Update

Sorry, no interesting post this week.  But I have an excuse, I promise!  I've been judging for National History Day which just ended (judging for papers and websites began before today).  If you know a middle or high school student who is interested in history, it's an amazing opportunity they should consider for next year.  Next step for the finalists from today is the national competition in Washington, D.C.

Some scattered random thoughts will have to do instead:

1. Two copies of NWN still available.

2. Even though I avoid it like the plague, I think LFR is still a beneficial addition to the game as a whole (more later).

3. Still concerned about item upgrades and valor when it comes to off sets.  I do actually have to heal a decent amount and the idea feeling like I should upgrade a healing item over a shadow item because it'll make more of a difference seems contrary to Blizzard's stated goals (where you can "pretty easily" upgrade every item).

4. Speaking of valor, I can now only buy offset gear with valor, can't use anything else for main set.  Which is actually nice, since it's a bit behind my main set right now.

5. My guild currently is 2/13H and about 95% of the way through two different heroic bosses.  Annoying, expect to kill them both this week.

6. Clearing ToT seems to take about 3.5-4 hours so far - which means if we do clear for gear we need to dedicate close to half of our raid week to it.

7. Flying on Ji-Kun is definitely fun and I very much enjoy the fight despite it having simpler mechanics and being one of the easier bosses.  Also liked Alysrazor flying a lot.  And Al'Akir.  Did I mention I liked flying?

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