Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Should Pay More Attention to This Blog

So...yeah.  Sorry.  Been busy with RL, guild/raid leading (Heroic Paragons to 40% on the 9th Paragon, basically like 5%), recruitment to fill some spots, helping players new to WoW and/or raiding, and commenting way too much on other blogs.  If you're curious about what kind of stuff I've been posting ELSEWHERE, here are a few links to peruse should you desire:

On "Old School" FPSes, Gun Balance, and Head Shots

On Why Classes Are Good

More on Why Classes Are Good

Why Pay To Win Is Bad

More On Pay To Win and High End Raiders

On Bad Luck Protection

I'll get a proper post up in a few days.  Hope you're all enjoying the new year.


  1. I occasionally take long comments I've posted elsewhere and massage them into posts for my blog. ;) Gratz on your raid progress and good luck on recruiting, and downing Garrosh. :)

    1. Hah, fair enough. Probably going to write something on the 90 boosts, class restrictions, or side quests next. And thanks!