Saturday, February 15, 2014

Return of the Return of the "Want a Free Game?"

Neverwinter Nights is on sale again for the next 48 hours!  That means it's time to offer more free copies of the game to those who are interested in trying it and getting hooked on it.  The following is a repeat of my previous "Want a Free Game?" posts, so if you already got NWN from me feel free to pass the information on to a friend so you can play with them!


In addition to WoW I'm quite fond of a game called Neverwinter Nights.  It's an RPG that came out a few years before WoW which is completely amazing because it is immensely customizable.  You can play solo campaigns, you can play multiplayer campaigns, and you can play online on what are effectively MMOs (abet with playerbases in the dozens to hundreds instead of tens of thousands).

It has a complete toolset that can be used to tweak almost every mechanic and create custom content - the original "official" Bioware campaigns make up like 0.1% of what's available for the game, and a ton of the user made content blows the original campaigns out of the water.  Users can also add new content in the form of ".hak" files, which add new creature models, new tilesets, new weapons, new feats (like talents), etc.

And all of this is free except for the original purchase.  It's available to buy on a site called Good Old Games for $9.99 normally - which includes the original campaign, both expansions (so two more campaigns), and an additional "premium" module - but it's on sale right now for $5.99.

Except I'll sweeten the pot even further - if you send me an email at balkothwarcraft at gmail dot com before by 11:59 PM on Monday night, I'll buy the game for you and send it to you as a gift.  Absolutely free.  Because I think the game deserves to be promoted.

I also made a module of my own earlier.  There was a "building challenge" where participants had one month to create a module (the game is separated into modules, which can range from being a single testing zone to a MMO-like Persistent World which spans hundreds of areas and offers hundreds of hours of playtime - you just load the module you want to play or join it if it's already being hosted).  I created a solo adventure for max level characters called Siege of the Heavens, which is an action adventure focused on scripted boss fights, similar to what you'd find in WoW raids and dungeons (or Brawler's Guild if you've done that).  The Heavens are under attack by devils and demons and the celestials enlist the help of mortals heroes like yourself to help lift the siege.

It's not something you should immediately play - you'll want to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics of the game before trying my module.  It's also only technically halfway finished since I only had a month to build it - which is still 3ish or so hours of playtime, and once it's done you'll be able to pick up where you left off and play the remaining 3ish hours that are planned.

Speaking of familiarizing yourself with the game, I would be happy to play through the official campaigns (or some custom campaigns, I'd strongly recommend the Aielund Saga at a minimum - among many other custom campaigns - which is much better than the official campaigns but again somewhat expects a familiarity with the game) with anyone interested, provided we can arrange suitable times.  The first official campaign probably takes about 40 hours to play through, the second two both take about 20 hours each.

You will need to request a unique multiplayer key once you claim your game or else you will be unable to sign into some multiplayer modules for security reasons.  There are instructions on how to do so on the GOG site.

Also, some of the old multiplayer services (like game listings provided by Gamespy) are no longer active - but members of the community have recreated replacements that are just as good (or better in some cases) as the originals.  More information can be found here.  Feel free to contact me (via email or private message on the boards - this is my profile there) or post on those boards for help if you need it.

Again, email me at balkothwarcraft at gmail dot com if you want a copy of the game, want to find out more about the game, want to try to play the game with me, or whatever.


  1. It's good to see NWN still going strong. I ran one of the top PW's years ago. Tonight I stumbled across the new D&D on Steam and it got me to thinking about it again. I don't think I have any copies of NWN laying around anymore, but I'll see if I can't pick one up and get it going again. I wonder if any old Mossbourne players are still around?

    1. You can certainly pick a copy up at the GOG site I linked in this post for $10 while not on sale, which is still a hell of a bargain price.

      Beats me if Mossbourne players are still around, afraid I'm not familiar with that PW. Could definitely ask about it on the Bioware boards at a minimum.

    2. Yep, spent quite a few hours on Mossbourne. Handsome Jack was my character name. Quite fun finding the same name in Borderlands many years later :)
      Bugastinn was another character on that server that a friend of mine played.


    3. I loved that server, one of my favorites. Sir Rowen here I play Kino Wetton, Kilik, and a few others. Hope you are all well.

    4. Funny how a guy can think of a PW he loved, Google it, and come across the guy who ran the place. Well met again, Bill. It is highly unlikely that you remember me, as I wasn't on the PW as long as some of the others were, but I ran a toon named Samuel Reyer (amongst many others, but he was my highest) under the login of Enialus Meliamne. I think of Mossbourne very often, and in particular, anytime I'm listening to Loreena McKennitt, which is at least once every few months. I hope that you are doing well. Thank you for the many in-game memories garnered there. I'm still in Florida, but much farther north of where I was. Cheers!

    5. I DO remember you! We spent quite a bit of time together. Good to know you are still around.

    6. Funny indeed how one can google something like this. Mossbourne was my home for a good while. I played the paladin Loristin Agilion,(funny also how one can remember names like this) - and had so many memorable moments on that server with RP, pvp and DM-ing alike. So many great people to play with. Thanks to all of you for making my time there a learning and enjoyable one.

      To those above; Handsome Jack, Bugastinn, Kilik, Enialus - I remember you all. Thanks for the good times, as fellow player and DM. Bill - thanks for making Mossbourne and hosting it, it was my first online gaming experience and my best one. I think of it often.

      Paladar / ragnar

    7. Hey Bill Can we get mossbourne up on the enhanced edition of NWN :-)

      I hope this reaches you. So many good times on Mossbourne back in the day.

      Dergs (Dergs McLeaon, Mary McLeaon, The Preacher & many other mossbourne legends!)

    8. Beamdog...ftw. At the very least (for me), it'll be worth the purchase for another run through of the Aielund Saga, thanks to better resolution. I must resist another Pally/CoT build...

      It does make me wonder, however, if someone still has the files for the Mossbourne server stored somewhere.

    9. I will check. Might have them on CD. Hi Dergs!