Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Racist and Proud of It

Or should I say...HUMANIST.

I mean, I suppose I could carefully mix and match abilities to counter threats...

...OR, and bear with me here, I could just apply human supremacy to the problem and solve it without any thought.  Even the Ogron bow to the power of their human overlords.

As you've hopefully figured out by now, the idea is to use racial preferences to make it significantly easier to counter threats on Garrison missions -- to the point where with the right set-up you can literally ignore two of the six abilities on a raid mission and still have 100% success rate (or very close to it).  This indeed means I'm making a team of humanists and aiming to pick up human humanists if possible.  Yes, I'm racist.

Blook is particularly useful since he not only provides the humanist trait (which is why I'm doing humans -- my warrior's Blook is Child of the Moon so I'm going night elf squad) but also the unique Combat Experience trait.  Two racial preferences will cancel out an ability, and a racial preference plus Burst of Power/High Stamina/Combat Experience/Environmental Preference/Enemy Preference will nearly cancel out an ability.

What you can't see from that screenshot is that Soulare actually managed to pick up Child of the Moon when he became rare, which is super amazing.  That means if I get a night elf with Humanist (and use them instead of Blook) then this squad will have four racial preferences -- which completely cancels out two abilities.

And, yes, this means a team of something like a human with Dwarvenborn and Child of the Moon, a dwarf with Humanist and Child of the Moon, and a night elf with Humanist and Dwarvenborn could cancel out three abilities.  Of course, that's insanely difficult to get...but canceling out two abilities is quite feasible.

It's a good time to be a racist.

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