Tuesday, July 21, 2015

(Mini-Post) Free Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer

I was coerced by Stubborn of Sheep the Diamond to pick up this game mainly because, well, it's free.  Or rather, the multiplayer is.  If you "buy" the trial version for a whole $0.00 you get 6 hours of the single player campaign (haven't touched it) and infinite hours of the multiplayer.

If you've played ME3 multiplayer then it's similar to that except with a fantasy setting rather than science fiction.  One major improvement, though, is that it's nearly all a forward moving "dungeon crawl" with a final showdown battle in an arena (compared to ME3 where the whole thing is a showdown battle in an arena with waves of enemies).  Also sort of similar to Diablo style games, I suppose, except it's over the shoulder and the camera can be freely rotated (and it's not a whole campaign).

There's some stuff I like about it and some stuff I don't (and perhaps at least part of the latter is simply stuff that's *different* and I'm not used to it yet).   I don't know if it'll be something I play "seriously" or just mess around with Stubborn and other friends, but at a minimum it's a fresh/new experience for a bit.

The catch is that the "free" part of it apparently ends just over seven hours from the time of this post -- deadline listed is noon CST (10 PST) on July 21st.  But all you need to do is register with Origin and "buy" the game...and at that point you could install Origin and download the game at your convenience.

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  1. I used the MP to try different classes, which its great for if you are planning on buying and playing the sp campaign.